Sunday, January 8, 2012

A post with substance.

So I lied in my last post, there will actually be one with substance. Mostly.

I spent the last three weeks back home in Omaha/Southwest Iowa, visiting family and generally being a pain in everyone's collective asses.

Besides doing a LOT of crocheting, mostly hats and some fingerless gloves:

fingerless gloves

Like those above. I also visited my family a bit. And then tonight, after a 12 hour drive home, dealing with my mom, aunt and grandmaHazel in a small car and managing not to kill anyone, my Twitter feed exploded due to a hash tag.


You can get the story behind this hashtag here, with many links to more stories.

I want to do this. Not for me, but for my GrandmaJo. She is my paternal grandmother, and she is an amazing woman. Since 2000, she has battled colon cancer, breast cancer, and now is dealing with congestive heart disease. She's not going to beat this last one, and she knows it. She's had several scares and hospital visits over the past year, but it doesn't stop her from doing whatever she damn well pleases. During this last visit, I found out some info on her brother, that he had kids no one knew about, and instead of letting me track his kids/grandchildren down on Facebook or something, she just called information and got the one son's phone number and then called him.

At 8:45 on a Sunday night. Dude lives in Georgia.

So, yes, she has brass balls and is still kicking even though her heart is working against her.

So, I want to get a dress, so that when I go back home at the end of March, I can take HER picture. I want everyone to see how fierce and awesome she is.

I want to get a picture of my GrandmaHazel in that red dress as well, but that might be more difficult. She's outlived 3 husbands and 2 boyfriends, has five kids, 18 grandkids, 10+greatgrandkids, and still speaks her mind, even though she's happier sitting back and just letting things roll by.

That is my plan. To get a dress for them to wear in at the end of March, even if I have to sell a body part to buy it myself.



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